The Band & Our Show


Rick K.'s 2019 All-Star Line Up of Touring Allnighters

Steve Moore, AKA "The Mad Drummer"  , Paul Doege on bass guitar/vocals, Seth Mellon on saxaphone/vocals and Frank Dinunzio on guitar/vocals. If purchased, Rick's "Sometimers" horn section and "Allnighterette" back up vocalists, as shown above, create an exiciting show for the largest of venues.


Take a road trip. “A Rock n’ Roll Road Trip”  that is!


Let “America ’s Most Exciting Show Band”, Rick K. & The Allnighters, take you on a high speed, cross country, tour of rock’s greatest hits! Meet your tour guide, Rick K., as he leads you through the Fabulous Fifties, gets groovy with the 60’s Explosion, then hustles you into the Disco Nights of the 1970’s. The road trip hits high gear with a head on collision into the classic top forty, pop rock of the 1980's & 90's. Running on empty? Your tour heads for home with high octane hits of the new millennium. 

Can't take your event to Las Vegas? Let Rick K. bring his “Vegas Flash” show direct to you! High energy fun and crowd participation is on this map! Featuring highly skilled musicians and vocalists, Rick K. & The Allnighters provide class and professionalism to every event. Available with the economical five piece Allnighters or the Vegas production excitement of an added live horn section, dancers and more! From big to small there is a show tailor made for your event, venue and budget. See the Contact Us link above for downloadable promotional information.


  Bring “Vegas Flash”, class and professionalism to your event. 
Take “A Rock n’ Roll Road Trip” with RICK K. & THE ALLNIGHTERS!