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Tour Schedule as of January 16, 2019


Please email or call to confirm dates before traveling. "Tentative" dates are NOT confirmed. Additional dates, links and individual show details to be added.


01.04.19 Mountaineer Casino, Chester, WV

01.05.19 Chester, WV

01.09.19 Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT

01.13.19 Venice Isles Estates, Venice, FL

01.16.19 Grand Casino, Hinckley, MN

01.17.19 Hinckley, MN

01.18.19 Hinckley, MN

01.19.19 Hinckley, MN

01.20.19 Hinckley, MN

02.01.19 Mountaineer Casino, Chester, WV

02.02.19 Chester, WV

02.06.19 Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT

02.15.19 Nat. Guard Armory, Fairmont, WV

02.19.19 Isla Grand, South Padre Island, TX

02.20.19 South Padre Island, TX

02.21.19 South Padre Island, TX

02.22.19 South Padre Island, TX

02.23.19 South Padre Island, TX

02.24.19 South Padre Island, TX

02.26.19 South Padre Island, TX

02.27.19 South Padre Island, TX

02.28.19 South Padre Island, TX

03.01.19 South Padre Island, TX

03.02.19 South Padre Island, TX

03.03.19 South Padre Island, TX

03.09.19 Memorial Bldg., Jackson, OH

03.15.19 Grand Valley Inn, Fallston, PA

03.16.19 Mollohan Research Center, Fairmont, WV

03.23.19 Elks Lodge, Essex, MD

03.30.19 Village Square, Clarksburg, WV

04.05.19 St. Croix Casino, Turtle Lake, WI

04.06.19 Turtle Lake, WI

04.11.19 Island Resort Casino, Harris, MI

04.12.19 Harris, MI

04.13.19 Harris, MI

04.16.19 Private Event, Hershey, PA

04.27.19 Apple Blossom Festival, Winchester, VA

05.02.19 SpringFest, Ocean City, MD

05.03.19 SpringFest, Ocean City, MD

05.04.19 SpringFest, Ocean City, MD

05.10.19 Grand Falls Casino, Larchwood, IA

05.11.19 Larchwood, IA

05.19.19 Private Event, Princeton, WV

05.22.19 Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT

05.24.19 Three Rivers Festival, Fairmont, WV

05.25.19 Meadows Casino, Washington, PA

05.26.19 Meadows Casino, Washington, PA

05.31.19 Menominee Casino, Keshena, WI

06.01.19 Keshena, WI

06.07.19 Mt. Pleasant Mills, PA

06.14.19 Lake Frederick, VA

06.19.19 Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT

06.21.19 Private Event, White Sulphur Springs, WV

07.03.19 Festival, Lititz, Pa

07.04.19 Hunnicutt Field, Princeton, WV

07.07.19 Knoebels, Elysburg, PA

07.08.19 Knoebels, Elysburg, PA

07.09.19 Knoebels, Elysburg, PA

07.10.19 Knoebels, Elysburg, PA

07.11.19 Knoebels, Elysburg, PA

07.13.19 Good Guys Car Show, Columbus, OH

07.14.19 Good Guys Car Show, Columbus, OH

07.18.19 Fair, Mineral Wells, WV

07.19.19 Potawatomi Carter Casino, Wabeno, WI

07.20.19 Potawatomi Carter Casino, Wabeno, WI

07.25.19 Fair, Shippensburg, PA

08.01.19 Blackberry Festival, Nutterfort, WV

08.03.19 Private Event, Williamsport, PA

08.04.19 Berks Co. Park, Wyomissing PA

08.07.19 Knoebels, Elysburg, PA

08.08.19 Knoebels, Elysburg, PA

08.09.19 Knoebels, Elysburg, PA

08.10.19 Festival, Friendsville, MD

08.16.19 Fair, Morgantown, WV

08.24.19 State Park, Pipestem, WV

08.30.19 Homecoming, Delbarton, WV

09.07.19 Fair, Cowen, WV

09.18.19 Fair, Beaver, PA

09.21.19 Car Show, Columbus, IN

09.24.19 Fair, Bloomsburg, PA

09.25.19 Bloomsburg, PA

10.04.19 Festival, Elkins, WV

10.12.19 Hamburg, PA

10.18.19 Grand Falls Casino, Larchwood, IA

10.19.19 Larchwood, IA

10.25.19 Menominee Casino, Keshena, WI

10.26.19 Keshena, WI

11.01.19 Private Event, Wheeling, WV

11.02.19 Portsmouth, OH

11.12.19 Isla Grand, South Padre Island, TX

11.13.19 South Padre Island, TX

11.14.19 South Padre Island, TX

11.15.19 South Padre Island, TX

11.16.19 South Padre Island, TX

11.17.19 South Padre Island, TX

11.19.19 South Padre Island, TX

11.20.19 South Padre Island, TX

11.21.19 South Padre Island, TX

11.22.19 South Padre Island, TX

11.23.19 South Padre Island, TX

11.24.19 South Padre Island, TX

12.07.19 Moose Lodge, Charles Town, WV

12.13.19 Elks Lodge, Elkins, WV